Ateme teams up with Six Floor Solutions and Pushologies for fan engagement

Video technology outfit Ateme has teamed up with video processing and metadata specialist Six Floor Solutions and mobile engagement specialist Pushologies to deliver an automated product that aims to enable sports content rights holders and streamers to increase fan engagement and attract more viewers to their OTT apps.

The joint solution is also targeted at broadcasters, service and content providers by enabling them to link their video services with e-commerce opportunities.

The partnership sees Ateme provide tools for high-quality compression and streaming; Six Floor Solutions for extracting highlights automatically; and Pushologies for attracting viewers with enriched experiences and opening up to e-commerce.

Ateme said the solution is fully automated and data driven, from AI-detection of content and creation of event triggers to content clipping through to content assembly and delivery, collecting fan-engagement data.

Remi Beaudouin

Remi Beaudouin, CTO of Ateme, said: “With increasing competition in the market from OTT and other forms of entertainment, content rights holders need to find innovative ways of attracting, engaging and staying relevant to younger generations. This exciting new solution allows for the most interesting and most in-demand content to be delivered directly to the consumer on their device. We are excited to have teamed up with Six Floor Solutions and Pushologies to pave the way to a stronger video industry.”

Charlotte Barham, director of operations and finance of Pushologies, added, “We are delighted to be working with Ateme and Six Floor to bring this end-to-end personalized content solution to market. This fully automated solution enables true Direct-to-Consumer distribution, monetization and data capture to continually improve the personalized fan experience. Operators will benefit from the ability to readily transform any content into a revenue-generating experience through the layering in of sponsorship, advertising, polls and interactive experiences.”

Pedro Aço, CEO and founder, Six Floor Solutions, said, “Consumers are feeling overwhelmed by the increasing content offer available from multiple providers around the world. Automatic processes to identify, filter and suggest key moments to watch in a sports match or a news show are therefore essential to improve their experience. These automatic processes not only enable new revenue streams for service and content providers, taking advantage of the generated enhanced metadata, but also deliver efficiency by replacing manual information preparation and tagging. We are proud to partner with Ateme and Pushologies to present an end-to-end solution built to increase fan engagement in multiple sports content and beyond.”

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