Ateme launches NextGen Statmux

Video technology outfit Ateme has launched NextGen Statmux, a new statistical multiplexing product, which it says is designed for the US NextGen TV rollout and other IP-based streaming services.

According to Ateme, its technology enables 20% greater efficiency in video delivery over existing solutions, making it possible to add an extra service, including a UHD service, in the same statistical multiplex or digital headend.

Julien Mandel

The new NextGen Statmux is designed to work with the NextGen TV standard, also known as ATSC 3.0.

Typically, statmux solutions are in a transport stream environment and separated from IP streaming delivery. By combining these two environments, Ateme says it is able to create an integrated, end-to-end statmux, from encoding to multicast, with dynamic statmux allocation.

According to the company, this creates greater efficiencies and eliminates the need for padding, thereby enabling zero null packets. With its increased efficiency, NextGen Statmux optimizes resource consumption, contributing to reduced carbon emissions, says Ateme.

With an eye on the future needs of the US market, the company says that NextGen Statmux can be optimized with a reduced statmux bandwidth to enable Datacasting in the NextGen TV environment

Julien Mandel, senior marketing director, contribution and distribution at Ateme, said, “Ateme’s NextGen Statmux maximizes efficiency, enabling more channel choice for viewers, while maintaining the ability to provide exciting interactive features and monetization opportunities with Datacasting. We look forward to demonstrating it at NAB 2023.”


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