Altice USA names Fonseca as chairman

Altice USA has named Altice Group co-CEO Alexandre Fonseca as its new chairman, replacing Dexter Goei.

Goei, who is stepping down as executive chairman, will remain a director of the board.

Prior to his appointment to Altice Group Co-CEO in 2022, Fonseca served as CEO of Altice Portugal for nearly five years during which he is credited with leading a business transformation returning the company to growth.

Earlier in his career with Altice, he was chief technology officer of Altice Portugal and led the Altice Labs research and development centre for the Altice Group worldwide. He joined Altice from Portuguese cable operator Cabovisão, where he also served as CTO.

Altice USA recruited former Comcast executive Dennis `Mathew as CEO last year, replacing Goei in that role, with the latter taking the executive chairman post. Goei at the time indicated a desire to return to Europe.

Alexandre Fonseca

“I’m honored to take on this role at such an important time at Altice USA. The company today finds itself in a position of strength thanks to the stewardship of CEO Dennis Mathew and his leadership team, and I look forward to working with him and my fellow directors to capitalize on this momentum and further accelerate the value we provide to our employees, customers and shareholders,” said Fonseca.

Fonseca was named co-CEO of Altice Group in March last year alongside finance chief Malo Corbin and technology and development head David Drahi.

Fonseca was charged with coordinating Altice’s operations across different countries while Corbin was responsible for finance and M&A, and Drahi, the son of Altice founder Patrick Drahi, was placed in charge of development and technology.

Fonseca retained the role of chairman of Altice Portugal while the CEO role passed to Anal Fibueiredo.

The changes followed Patrick Drahi’s taking full control of Altice Europe in 2021 and delisting the company.

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