France Télévisions boss champions diversity in Series Mania keynote

France Télévisions Delphine Ernotte pointed to“diversity and quality of our ecosystem” that drives the pubcaster.

During her keynote session at Series Mania based in Lille the CEO of the French public service broadcaster highlighted it is more than just a PSB.

“France Télévisions is for everybody,” she said. “We are more editors than broadcasters. We need to be daring always, one shouldn’t be fearful and shouldn’t shy away from any topics.”

Ernotte in her keynote stressed it is critical that PSB “serve the public and serves everyone in France…we bring something to everyone that reflects their daily life.”

The PSB has been committed in creating programming that focuses on key societal themes for a new generation of audiences, including climate change and sexual violence. In efforts to create a new path for France Télévisions that is “not one of despair but one of hope.”

She added, “As editors we need to take a close look at how we produce, we want all of production to be eco-produced and we want to create new standards concerning production.”

The France Télévisions boss praised the rise of partnerships between streamers and pubcasters. “Striking a deal with a huge broadcaster is also good for streaming platforms, there are new ways of working together that allows us to make money,” she explained.

However, Ernotteemphasised the “major power” and “considerable strength” PSBs hold. “France is defending intellectual copyright and culture rights” she said. “Culture sovereignty is sovereignty, end of story.”

Ernotte who is also president of European Broadcasting Union made reference to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Warner Bros. Discovery winning all media rights to the Olympic Games for 2026-2032. She shared the union’s ambition to extend the media rights for another decade.

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