Qwilt taps Telefónica for content distribution in Spain

Video delivery firm, Qwilt has teamed up with the telco provider Telefónica to build a content distribution system in Spain based on the union of both companies’ technologies.

Qwilt will expand its coverage and delivery capacity in Spain by relying on Telefónica’s Content Distribution Network (TCDN) deployed in the provider’s network.

In an aim to improve the end-user experience, the project will provide fast, high-quality, and seamless delivery with no interruptions.

The new integration is based on open APIs and content exchange between both CDNs, which allows Qwilt traffic to be delivered to customers with access to Telefónica connectivity.

The deal marks the first commercial integration based entirely on Open Caching standards promoted by the Streaming Video Technology Alliance (SVTA), to which both companies belong. As of result, this facilitates the delivery of content from third parties through the two CDNs in a transparent manner, benefiting both from Qwilt’s global server deployment operation around the world and from the physical proximity of the TCDN to Telefónica customers.

“Internet traffic is increasing rapidly, and content providers need delivery services that are increasingly efficient in light of the competition we are witnessing for Internet bandwidth. With this agreement, Telefónica’s TCDN and Qwilt’s delivery capacity are strengthened, but, above all, we make sure that consumers of the content within Telefónica’s network are satisfied,” said Francisco Javier Pascual, director of product marketing, Telefónica Companies.

Alon Maor, CEO of Qwilt, added: “As one of Spain’s leading service providers, Telefónica is a fantastic addition to our global network and allows us to further develop our content delivery service offering. We are delighted to see such rapid momentum from our global partners as we continue to build the highest performing edge delivery network in the world.”

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