BBC moves forward with HD versions of local opt-outs as BBC One HD takes prime position

The BBC has completed the rollout of HD versions of the regional opt outs of its flagship BBC One channel on satellite and is to start the rollout of HD on the terrestrial Freeview and Youview platforms.

The rollout will mean that intermissions on BBC One HD during regional news programmes, for example, will end.

“This means viewers will be able to get a complete version of BBC One HD in 101 in the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide), including regional news output and other local programming. We will be retiring the red slate that previously advised viewers to go to channel 1 for local programming, as viewers will no longer need to switch to channel 1 for local news and then back to 101 for BBC One in HD,” said Kieran Clifton, director, BBC distribution and business development.

Making BBC One HD available on a regional basis is a major undertaking for BBC teams and our suppliers, so we are going to launch regional versions of BBC One HD in two phases. This allows us to launch the first set of regions as early as possible while we complete the preparatory work to enable us to launch the second set.

The changes will mean HD versions of regional news programmes such as Look North, BBC London and South Today will be available on satellite and, soon, on Freeview and Youview.

Clifton said that the BBC planned to rollout an update of Freeview Play connected dev ices once the Freeview and Youview rollout was complete.

The said this would put BBC One HD at the top of the EPG on supported TVs that were connected oto the internet, and similar changes would be made to existing HD version of other channels, making them available at the most prominent place on the EPG.

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