Vodafone expands 5G network in Spain

Vodafone Spain is to expand its 5G network to 65% of the Spanish population including rural regions, reaching a total of 2,000 municipalities this year.

The operator uses the 700MHz frequency, providing better coverage, especially indoors, and has high availability of bandwidth and data transmission which is well purposed for rural environments and small towns. Vodafone is to expand its 5G coverage with the frequency of 3700MHz.

Out of the 1,000 new municipalities that the operator plans to deploy with 5G this year, 238 have less than 1,000 inhabitants, mainly in rural areas.

Julia Velasco, Network director of Vodafone Spainhas said: “In order to continue facilitating the digital inclusion of companies, citizens and administrations, Vodafone’s 5G network will reach 65% of the total population in our country and 2,000 municipalities located in large and small cities, as well as rural areas. Our goal is to bridge the digital divide and provide connectivity to everyone, including those who need it most.”

“It has been shown that an increase in the digitization of services and the value chain in Spain over six years could increase Spain’s GDP by 4.38%, as well as productivity by 7.70 %. Connectivity creates opportunities and makes it easier for no one to be left behind,” he added.

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