M7 Deutschland assembles fibre-optic network for TV offering

The German arm of the Canal+-owned M7 Group, M7 Deutschland, is upgrading its entire customer base with a high-performance fibre-optic connection for TV signal feed.

More than 160 network operators supplied by M7 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg will be connected to the M7 Livestream product to the central M7-Headed at the Frankfurt based fibre optic hub.

The TV offering is transmitted in proven Conax encryption as a cable TV-optimised IP stream directly to the headend. From there, the network operator can retransmit the signals to its customers in the usual cable TV standard DVB-C.

The first batch of M7 customers have already been connected.

“With the fibre connection, M7 partners benefit from a reliable, high-quality, fully redundant TV signal feed that meets the highest standards of quality, stability and security and allows us to flexibly expand our channel portfolio at any time for even more programme diversity,” said Marco Hellberg, managing director of Eviso Germany GmbH, the M7 business partner in Germany. “At the same time, we are responding to the changing needs of our customers, who are increasingly demanding fibre-based TV signal delivery in addition to satellite.”

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