Canal+ secures time-limited renewal of DTT presence

Canal+ subscriber numbers upFrance’s Canal+ has agreed to renew the presence of its encrypted channel on France’s struggling digital-terrestrial TV platform for a further 18 months following the expiration of its current licence on December 5 this year.

Regulator ARCOM had agreed in June last year to allow a procedure of renewal without a call for rival candidates. Canal+ has now obtained licence to renew its DTT frequency for the 18 months up to June 5 2025.

The move brings the main channel’s presence on the platform in line with that of controversial Canal+-owned news channel Cnews and sister channel C8.

Canal+ had specifically requested a shorter licence period, contrasting with commercial players TF1 and M6, which had sought a full-term renewal for their own licences to operate on the platform.

Canal+ had also requested a time limit on its last licence renewal in 2020. However in that case the licence was for three years rather than 18 months.

The renewal of the licences of C8 and Cnews has been called into question over repeated clashes with the media regulator over content. Culture minister Rima Abdul Malak has also publicly called the renewal of the licences into question.

By aligning the expiration of the pair’s authorisation to broadcast with that of the main encrypted channel, Canal+ may be looking to strengthen its position when renewals come up again in 2025.

Fewer than 5% of Canal+’s subscribers come via DTT and Canal+ has also previously called into question its commitment to the platform on commercial grounds. Its withdrawal from DTT would also mean that it is no longer subject to obligations including a commitment to finance French audiovisual production to the tune of €200 million.

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