Simplestream ties with TVSN to relaunch teleshopping channel



Australia and New Zealand’s broadcast network TVSN has chosen technology provider Simplestream to help expand its teleshopping channel TVSN NOW beyond traditional, linear distribution.

Simplestream created a solution for the network by combining its core products —­ Media Manager, App Platform, and Channel StudioIt provides a framework to deliver, present, and monetise premium commercial TV content, across a variety of platforms and devices.

Media Manager uses a fully automated OTT content workflow, allowing TVSN operators to automate the ingestion of on demand content from various sources, inclusive of metadata and stock/pricing information. The content management system is deeply integrated with App Platform, which offers a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box UIs and functionalities to aid content discovery, as well as best-in-class on demand consumption for end-users across all major app stores. The company helped TVSN to initially launch a fully revamped set of apps on Android, iOS, and tvOS, with LG TV and Samsung TV soon available too.

While, Channel Studio powers virtual, thematic channels, enriched by dynamic graphic overlays for upsell and oversell opportunities. TVSN can monetise its content offering by providing end-users with data-driven overlays tailored per piece of content with pricing and stock levels.

Simplestream’s technical director, Ashley Horne, said: “Working with TVSN has allowed us to innovate on top of our existing solutions for teleshopping channels and create a service that is truly leading edge. This becomes apparent through our partnership with Creating dynamic, synchronised overlays for virtual channels offers a unique way to implement technology and presents a new way to monetise content.”

TVSN’s chief executive officer, Judy Deuchar, added: “Together we have built a solution to drive, manage, and monetize ever changing product channels. At our core – TVSN are experts at how to sell products via video – together with the brilliant tech from Simplestream, we are expanding the universe in which to monetize this content. And we have only just begun.”

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