Redge Media unveils new features on streaming platform

Polish outfit, Redge Media, has introduced several new enhancements to its end-to-end video streaming platform including right-to-left language support, a multi-language keyboard, live playback, 4K filtering and a Top 10 section.

With the right-to-left language support and multi-language keyboard on connected TV features, Redge Media can host multi-lingual portals with the cohabitation of LTR and RTL UI and keyboards.

The live playback feature in the Hero section allows for browsing and previewing of live channels before switching to the full-screen player. The 4K content filtering with dedicated product and Top 10 section were also put in place by the company to improve customers viewing experience.

Redge Media was designed for broadcasters and telcos to expand their audience which consists of a Service Delivery Platform and a Video Delivery Platform.

“Our product development is driven by our customers. We listen to their voice and combine it with our know-how cumulated since the early days of OTT. The result is the Redge Media Roadmap with quarterly releases of the new features. And with the recent release Redge Media can address the MENA region and right-to-left language communities around the world.” – states Radosław Józwik, service delivery platform Product director.

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