TF1 deploys Irdeto Control during FIFA World Cup 2022

Cybersecurity firm Irdeto has revealed that it is currently supplying its multi-DRM solution Irdeto Control to secure the OTT platform of French broadcaster TF1. The integration has been utilised during the current 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Richard Frankland

Irdeto Control is a high-performance and highly scalable solution that sits at the centre of OTT content delivery activities. It securely delivers streams during high-profile live events, with a managed service of 24/7 monitoring and dedicated customer support. Irdeto Control is hosted on leading on-demand cloud computing platform AWS to deliver the best reliability and scalability for all Irdeto products and services.

With multi-DRM support and content usage management, Irdeto Control makes it easy and fast for the customer to protect content delivered via PlayReady, Widevine, and FairPlay. The reliability and scalability capabilities of multi-DRM are particularly critical during global live events, such as the FIFA World Cup and Rugby World Cup.

“We are thrilled that TF1 has chosen Irdeto to enhance and secure its video streaming service,” said Richard Frankland, SVP of global sales in video entertainment at Irdeto. “With our solutions, TF1 can confidently deliver a top-notch viewing experience, assuring high quality on every screen while enabling the growth of their OTT offering.”

Thierry Bonhomme, CTO at TF1, added: “Irdeto Control provides opportunities for higher revenues and offers high scalability and availability for delivering our OTT streams. Considering the World Cup is one of the most watched live sports events, reliability and scalability were key factors when selecting Irdeto Control.”

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