Thema launches FAST channel Vivaldi on Netgem TV

Canal+ Group-owned distribution outfit Thema has launched FAST classical music channel Vivaldi on Netgem TV in the UK and Ireland.

Vivaldi is now available to watch on TV and mobile on the Netgem TV platform, represents the second UK launch for Vivaldi in less than a week.

The channel had earlier launched with Channelbox, the aggregation platform that provides a range of free-to-view channels on the Freeview digital-terrestrial service via connected devices.

Netgem TV’s service, which is provided to internet service providers, has recently bolstered its offering with a growing line-up of live channels. The platform is used by over ISPs including Talk Talk and Community Fibre.

Thema represents the launched Vivaldi FAST channel in UK.

“This launch marks a new milestone for Vivaldi in the UK and has extended our proven track record of launching services with Netgem and working closely with their excellent team,” said Séverine Garusso, head of distribution EMEA.

“Vivaldi’s mission is to share the very best of classical music, dance, and jazz with the largest possible audience. We are pleased to associate with Netgem in the UK to fulfil this goal,” said Wilfried Texier, marketing director of Vivaldi channel.

“We’re very pleased to include Vivaldi in our line-up for Netgem TV, demonstrating how quality and differentiating programming creates value and differentiation for our ISP distributor partners without increasing the price tag for the viewers – a much needed benefit in this time of wallet crunch,” said Sylvain Thevenot, Chief Commercial Officer for Netgem Group.

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