Vodafone Deutschland offering GigaTV plus Netflix from €4.99

Vodafone Deutschland is offering its GigaTV service in combination with Netflix from €4.99 a month as part of its autumn promotional drive.

New TV customers who opt for the GigaTV Cable incl. Netflix contract in connection with a new or existing cable Internet connection from Vodafone pay 4.99 euros per month for the first six months. After that, the fee goes up to €20.99 euros for the remainder of the 24-month minimum contract period. A cable connection from Vodafone is required. The offer includes access to Netflix standard including HD quality and use of Netflix on up to two devices at the same time.

The operator’s customers who take the GigaTV Cable basic package between October 10 and March 9 can use it free of charge for the first six months. The service was previously charged at €9.99. From the seventh month of the contract, the monthly basic fees go up to €14.99, as before.

In addition to more than 120 TV channels, the GigaTV Cable incl. VF Premium pakcage also includes a pay TV offer. In this premium service, the monthly basic fee is reduced to €4.99 instead of €14.99 during the first six months of the campaign period, and the regular price of €19.99 applies from the seventh month. A two-month activation of Vodafone Premium is included in the GigaTV Cable and GigaTV Cable incl. Netflix plans. A TV cable connection is a necessity for all cable tariffs.

Customers who prefer to watch TV over the Internet can use the GigaTV Net incl. Apple TV 4K package, which includes up to 120 TV channels in SD and HD on Apple TV 4K as well as access to the content of up to 30 media libraries. The bundle of premium entertainment devices and first-class TV entertainment is free for the first six months of the 24-month contract period and then costs €19.99 per month. A one-time fee of €49.99 euros is charged for provision.

The premium Pay TV package, which  costs €9.99 per month, includes 18 additional HD channels. This also applies to the TV tariffs GigaTV Cable and GigaTV Cable incl. Netflix offers. An Apple TV 4K box is available as a rental device for the GigaTV Net including Apple TV 4K contract. A two-month activation of Vodafone Premium is included in the offer.

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