Deutsche Telekom to lead 6G mobile project

Deutsche Telekom is taking the lead for a new project in Germany to further the cause of 6G mobile.

The 6G-TakeOff research project is part of a group of 6G industrial projects for research into integrated systems and sub-technologies for sixth generation mobile communications.

The programme is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

A kick-off announcement in Darmstadt saw Telekom line up with 22 partners from research and industry to form a consortium with the aim of developing a uniform 6G architecture for communications networks comprising ground stations, flying infrastructure platforms and satellites.

Telekom says that by orchestrating different access technologies, their respective advantages can be used as needed.

Base stations on board satellites and flying platforms can help close the remaining coverage gaps of ground-based base stations the company said.

To this end, 6G-TakeOff will develop an architecture for mobile networks in which terrestrial and non-terrestrial base stations are considered and used in a uniform manner, the company said.

The project will address the need for fully automated management of networks in which structures change dynamically, as well as flexibly configurable hardware platforms and antenna systems and the use of AI to find optimal connections for data streams.

Telekom said that as the use of satellite constellations and communication networks can only be realized on an international scale the project will cooperate with European institutions and research projects to help shape future 6G standards.

The project will run until summer 2025 and will be used to research the new 6G communications standard, which has yet to be defined. Standardization by the 3GPP organization is expected to begin in 2025. The first 6G networks are expected to be launched from 2030.

The BMBF is providing funding. In addition to the 6G industry projects, the 6G Initiative includes four 6G Research Hubs at research institutes and universities and the 6G Platform umbrella project.

“Collaborative early research is critical to prepare the ground for the 6th generation of communications technology. We are honoured to lead the 6G-TakeOff project and work together with partners from across industry, academia and science to research and validate key architectural concepts that will shape the future 6G landscape” said Alex Jinsung Choi, Head of T-Labs, Deutsche Telekom.

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