Mongolia’s SKYmedia turns to Mirada for service expansion

Mongolian ICT and service provider SKYmedia has tapped technolodgy outfit Mirada to support the next phase of its OTT streaming rollout.

Having successfully developed and implemented the first phase of an OTT platform named SkyGO in 2018, Mirada has now been awarded the contract for a further expansion of the video service.

The first phase of SkyGO project saw Mirada roll out its Iris technology to enable subscribers to watcch live TV, catch-up and on-demand movie content seamlessly on laptops, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

In the extended video service, Mirada will implement a number of additional features to enhance the usability of the platform for all operator subscribers and bring them a personalised experience, with tailored content recommendations, user interfaces and advertising managed through Iris’ network of tools including analytics platform LogIQ, Segmenter for user segmentation and the UX Evolver tool to allow operators to customise and adapt the user interface.

The new project will also include the extension of SkyGO’s service to more connected devices, in what is expected to be one of the biggest launches of the Google-powered technology in the country.

SKYmedia-owner Skytel Group currently holds a quarter of the mobile market and 40% of the IPTV and broadband subscribers in Mongolia.

Skytel Group LLC CEO, Amarchingun Gantumur, said: “By choosing Mirada to deploy the expansion of our video service, we look forward to strengthening our position in the market with its best-in-class technology and quality of service through the Group’s renowned state-of-the-art viewing experience on all devices in all viewing situations. The exceptional levels of service carried out when deploying the initial phase of this project made Mirada the obvious choice for the second phase contract. We look forward to working with them further in the future as we work together to give our customers the best possible user experience when using our products.”

Mirada CEO, José-Luis Vázquez, said: “We are thrilled to announce that we will be furthering our relationship with Skytel having been awarded the new Mongolia’s upcoming pay TV service. Skytel’s decision to partner with Mirada demonstrates the confidence that our clients have in both our technology and in our ability to deliver a complex multiscreen product across an IPTV network. Application availability on multiple devices is in high demand by our clients and we are happy to see our product strategy proving effective.”

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