Vodafone Portugal taps Media Distillery for EPG correction

Vodafone Portugal has tapped AI for the video UX specialist Media Distillery to use the latter’s EPG Correction Distillery to improve its services. 

Media Distillery will deliver the UX-enhancing capability specified by Vodafone, with the EPG Correction Distillery solution designed to ensure real-time accurate start-times for the most popular channels on the Vodafone Portugal IPTV/OTT service.

Media Distillery’s technology is designed to address the problem of TV platfors  typically playing linear broadcasts from the EPG-indicated start time.

Programmes often don’t begin exactly on the time shown in the EPG. Without correction, on replay, the viewer might be compelled to watch the end of the preceding show, or, if a programme starts earlier than the time displayed in the EPG, subscribers miss out on the start of their selected show.

According to Media Distillery, using AI, EPG Correction Distillery automatically carries out real-time analysis of broadcasts across multiple channels and makes adjustments to coincide with actual start-times of TV programmes as they are aired. The company said that users can then be confident they are seeing accurate start-time information on their EPG, making viewing experiences more harmonious and leading to enhanced satisfaction.

“We’re delighted that Vodafone Portugal has chosen EPG Correction Distillery to deliver enhanced viewing experiences to its customers,” said Roland Sars, CEO of Media Distillery.

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