Denmark introduces 6% streaming levy to support local productions and media

Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen

The Danish government has agreed that global streaming services must pay a levy of 6% of their revenue in the country to support local TV productions.

The bill was voted into law on May 22, and comes a week after Swiss citizens voted in favour of a similar law dubbed ‘Lex Netflix’. Similar laws have been implemented in Portugal (where streamers must pay 1% of their income to the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisuals), and in France and Italy where streamers must invest in European content. Spain is also considering similar laws.

In a statement, Danish minister of culture Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen said: “Media consumption in Denmark has changed. International streaming services are filling up more and more, and therefore it is absolutely necessary that they also contribute to our cultural community. With a cultural contribution of 6%, we ensure that we also in the future have Danish-language films, series and documentaries of high quality, which can gather and challenge us.”

The law also introduces measures to strengthen regional and local media, while providing support for new start-ups and media development and increasing fact-checking standards in the country” .

Halsboe-Jørgensen added: “We are strengthening regional and local media so that more people can have a say in our public debate. We are also adapting media responsibility to a digital age, where both the editorial staff and social media are doing well. Not least, we strengthen DR’s finances, and then we take an important step to ensure good pay and working conditions in the media industry. ”

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