Disney agrees Bezeq distribution ahead of Israel launch for Disney+

Obi-Wan Kenobi

DBS Satellite services, a subsidiary of Israeli telco Bezeq, has announced a distribution agreement with Disney for the Mouse House’s entry into the local streaming market. 

The deal will see Bezeq-owned mobile operator Pelephone and satellite operator yes distribute Disney+ when it launches in Israel next month. 

The Bezeq subsidiaries have agreed to distribute the streamer for a period of three years from its June 16 launch.

Bezeq said that Disney will be entitled to payment based on the number of subscribers who sign up for the streamer via its subsidiaries.

In addition to Israel, Disney has confirmed launch dates for the 42 countries and 11 new territories set to launch in May and June. 

The streamer rolled out in South Africa earlier this month, with launches in other territories to follow in June, beginning with MENA territories on June 8. This will be followed by a number of countries in central and eastern Europe, as well as Turkey and Greece, on June 14.

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