Redge Media powers FlixClassic SVOD launch

FlixClassic, a new SVOD service, has been launched in Poland on the Redge Media video streaming platform.

The streamer provides viewers with a curated collection of classic cinema, ranging from classic titles like Intolerance and If to cult favourites like Plan 9 from Outer Space. The service has an end-goal to “include the canon of Czech cinema, as well as Hungarian, Swedish, German, Indian and others.”

FlixClassic is priced at €2.80 monthly or €28 for an annual subscription. It is based on Redge Media for VOD, developed for content distributors looking for an easy way to deliver their materials.

Tomasz Pałdyna, sales director, said: “Through Redge Media, valuable content reaches millions of people around the world every day. We’re delighted to provide FlixClassic audience classic movies with a huge range of storytelling for every taste. Thanks to Redge Media for VOD solution now content distributors can launch their own streaming platform in a few months not forgetting about its cost-effectiveness.”

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