VIZIO launches Jump Ads cross-platform viewing solution

VIZIO has announced a new cross-platform viewing solution designed to bridge the gap between linear TV and streaming services.

The company has introduced a beta programme for its new solution called Jump Ads, which gives  participating programmers and brands the ability to present an interactive overlay at the conclusion of linear TV shows. This can then direct viewers into a supporting app to continue their viewing experience.

The first company to test this new feature is FOX, which is placing Jump Ads at the end of the premiere episode for its new series Welcome to Flatch. Upon the culmination of the premiere episode, viewers will be prompted to continue watching additional episodes of the program or catch up on past episodes on the FOX Now App.

VIZIO said that Jump Ads give content providers greater opportunities to engage viewers beyond a single linear session.

Adam Bergman, VP of National Ad Sales at VIZIO, said: “In our eyes, all TV is CTV, and we’re on a mission to bridge the gap between linear and streaming. Jump Ads are another big step in the right direction, as they simplify content discovery and navigation, and create more engaging, interactive viewing experiences for consumers.”

Natalie Park, SVP, Marketing Strategy and Media at FOX Entertainment, said: “Clearly, the viewing experience has changed, with both linear and streaming playing an integral role for the foreseeable future. Innovations like Jump Ads that integrate these formats for viewers create a better live, tune-in experience that caters to the on-demand expectation that the binge-watching cultural phenomenon has created.”

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