Deutsche Telekom turns to Airties for Smart Wi-Fi rollout

Wireless technology specialist Airties has signed an agreement with Deutsche Telekom to deploy its Smart Wi-Fi products and services across Deutsche Telekom Europe. 

Deutsche Telekom is using RDK open source software to standardise core functions of its broadband gateways. Under the agreement with Airties,  Telekom will also deploy Airties Edge software to enhance subscribers’ broadband gateways and Airties Cloud to provide home performance management and optimisation to customers across a number of markets in Europe. Further details about country-specific rollouts will be disclosed by Deutsche Telekom at a later date.

Airties Edge is smart Wi-Fi software that directs consumers’ devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, game consoles and smart home devices to the best available channel and band, whether 2.4GHz or 5GHz, based on real-time network conditions. This software enables an existing home gateway/modem to double as an intelligent Wi-Fi access point, according to Airties.

“Providing exceptional home broadband is of paramount importance to Deutsche Telekom, and that includes delivering the best possible Wi-Fi to our customers. After examining the market, we selected Airties because of the proven quality, scalability, and versatility of their Smart Wi-Fi portfolio. We look forward to bringing these advanced Wi-Fi capabilities to our customers in the months ahead,” said Pedro Bandeira, VP of product and new business at Deutsche Telekom.

“Deutsche Telekom is a clear global leader when it comes to embracing technological innovations that improve the lives of their customers. Having consistent, quality home Wi-Fi is more essential than ever before, and Deutsche Telekom fully recognizes this across its various markets. We are honored that Deutsche Telekom selected Airties to help them provide a managed Smart Wi-Fi experience to their customers throughout Europe,” said Philippe Alcaras, CEO of Airties.

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