Waoo picks 24i for Android TV custom launcher

Danish operator Waoo has partnered with 24i to launch its new generation of Android TV set top boxes.

The dutch tech provider will add third party aggregated content and enhanced search functionality to the pay TV service. 

Waoo has also rolled-out 24i’s Unified Search capabilities to all its devices. Users can now get integrated search results from across the Waoo platform, including catch-up TV, the EPG (TV Guide) and more than 12,000 TV and Movie titles available to rent in the “Waoo Bio” VOD store.

This is an extension of a partnership that was formed in 2010, with Waoo utilising the 24i streaming platform across  devices including iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets, web browsers and Apple TV boxes.

Martin Jürgensen, Waoo’s senior product development manager, said: “Aggregation is the keyword. Using our existing 24i streaming platform to reach Android TV boxes with the Google Play Store means we can offer our customers a wider range of attractive content. We are preloading the new TV boxes with apps from streaming services like Disney+, Discovery+, Viaplay and the national broadcaster DR. Users can also download apps for themselves like Spotify or games. This makes the box become a versatile media hub in the home.”

Joachim Bergman, 24i CEO, said: “We have been working with Waoo for many years now and they’ve always wanted to innovate and offer their subscribers ground-breaking features, so we’re delighted to have supported them on this latest step into content super-aggregation. The combination of a custom Android TV launcher and our cloud-hosted Universal Search solution is a great way to give customers what they want – quality, choice and convenience.”


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