Verimatrix launches security platform

Content security firm Verimatrix has announced the launch of the Verimatrix Secure Delivery Platform.

The platform is a cloud ecosystem that combines cybersecurity and anti-piracy services into a single experience. The company said that it provides “unparalleled value to media companies, content owners, streaming media providers and broadcast operators worldwide.”

The platform is made up of several products which are now available to customers. These include the cloud-based digital rights management solution Streamkeeper DRM, Verimatrix App Shield, Streamkeeper Counterspy and Real-Time Monitoring.

The company added that strategic partners, such as encoders, players, middleware vendors and content delivery networks (CDNs) are able to connect their services to the Verimatrix Secure Delivery Platform to enable free trials, provide faster onboardings, and assist joint customers improve their bottom line. The platform is already being utilised by partners including Ateme, Broadpeak, NexPlayer, MUSO, Telestream, THEO Technologies and Velocix.

Asaf Ashkenazi, chief operating officer and president at Verimatrix, said: “The Verimatrix Secure Delivery Platform is a continuation of the company’s modernization strategy; moving from on-premise to bold, new cloud-based anti-piracy and cybersecurity solutions that enable customers to scale at SaaS speed. 

“It’s all about bringing value to customers that they cannot easily attain in market by themselves, such as accessing advanced anti-piracy tracking and takedown capabilities, enhancing picture quality even after security is applied, or reducing integration complexity and time to launch thanks to autonomous, zero code injection capabilities. We are excited to officially launch our platform today.”

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