Five million Brits spending more than seven hours a day streaming video

Some five million Brits are streaming seven or more hours of video content per day, a new report has revealed.

The new research from Acquia shows that five million people in the UK are spending the equivalent to a full working day streaming video every single day. 

The figures come from a broader look at consumer tech use, particularly during the pandemic. It notes that 4 million people (8% of the population) in the UK use their phone for seven hours or more every day. Some 6.9 million meanwhile stream video content via their smart TVs.

Tom Bianchi, Europe CMO at Acquia, said, “Clearly the surge in use of digital channels like Netflix caused by the pandemic must plateau at some point – but it looks like the changed behaviours might last beyond Covid. Expectations of digital are very high and businesses that fail to offer customers digital experiences that match what customers are used to will quickly fall behind.”

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