Tele Columbus to build new fibre backbone in Berlin

German cable operator Tele Columbus is investing in a new fibre-optic ring to serve Berlin.

The new backbone ring will be over 82km in length and will follow the route of the Berlin Ringbahn rail system, with over 650 shafts serving as exit and entry points.

According to the operator, the initiative will create a future-proof and flexible backbone to deliver Gigabit bandwidth to customers.

According to Tele Columbus, which operates under the PŸUR brand, the new ring will give future-proofing and the ability to offer highly flexible internet connectivity to its customers.

“As a partner of the housing industry, we are pleased to be able to drive forward the expansion of fibre optics with further future-proof backbone capacities in the Berlin metropolitan area,” said Rüdiger Schmidt, the manager responsible for the housing industry in the Tele Columbus Group.

“Tenants and landlords benefit equally from the consistent fibre optic expansion.”

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