ATEME launches eco-conscious Kyrion encoder

Video delivery solutions provider ATEME has announced the launch of the CM5000e new-generation Kyrion encoder.

The tech promises to enable sustainable UHD contribution for companies in the video industry, due to features which enable lower power consumption. The CM5000e is an all-in-one-box deployment that includes all necessary features for live events transmission.

ATEME said that the introduction of the new Kyrion encoder paves the way for IP migration in the future with Zixi, SRT and RIST solutions along with SMPTE-2110.

Julien Mandel, Contribution & Distribution Segment Solution Marketing Senior Director at ATEME, said: “The introduction of more sustainable practices is critical in the video industry and ATEME’s solutions are well equipped to meet the challenge. We have an unmatched record in developing encoders that achieve the highest video quality levels at the lowest bitrates. 

“Now, with Kyrion CM5000e, we are also pioneering sustainable solutions in the contribution and distribution market, and we’re committed to making a positive environmental impact.”

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