Digi sees strong growth across Romania and Spain

Romania-based international pay TV, broadband and mobile service provider Digi counted close to 20 million revenue-generating units at the end of Q3 and saw its revenues jump by 12% year-on-year.

Digi said its global RGU total rose by 12% year-on-year in the third quarter to end with 19.9 million overall.

Digi’s overall revenues also increased by 12% year-on-year to €368 million for the quarter, while adjusted EBITDA was up 10% to €136 million. The group turned in a net loss of €8.7 million for the quarter, compared with a profit for the comparable period last year, on sharply increased operating expenses, particularly in Spain, where Digi is focusing on building its reach as a new entrant in the market.

The company saw strong subscriber growth in Spain in particular, where it has entered the market as a disruptor. The Spanish outfit saw its mobile telephony subscriber base increase by 26% to 2.8 million, while its fixed line base increased by 134% to 393,000.

In its domestic Romanian market, Digi’s pay TV subscriber base grew by 9% to 5.1 million, while its broadband base grew by 15% to end with 3.7 million.

The company’s Romanian mobile base grew by 12% to 4.1 million.

Revenue growth in Romania amounted to 8% year-on-year, driven by the upward trajectory in subscriber numbers.

In Hungary, the group’s third market, pay TV and broadband numbers were down. The pay TV base shrunk by 2.2% to 917,000, while broadband numbers were down by 0.3% to 740,000. However the mobile base increased by 14% to 187,000.

“The Digi Group continues its growth path and solid performance, with consistent results in the third quarter of 2021, both financially and operationally, which is the effect of the commitments we have made to our customers, investors and partners. Our constant focus on providing our customers with reliable and quality services has led to a significant increase in the users who have chosen us. We are grateful to them, as well as to our teams for the professionalism and competence they show every day, regardless of the difficult context we find ourselves in,” said Serghei Bulhac, CEO.

“We are convinced that next year will be full of challenges, but also of significant opportunities for our activity. Recently, we obtained spectrum licenses in Portugal, which will allow the group to expand its activity in a new market, to offer high quality telecommunications services at affordable prices, based on the latest technologies.”

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