Rakuten TV rolls out five channels on LG smart TVs in the UK

AVOD and FAST channel operator Rakuten TV has expanded its content offering in the UK with the rollout of five channels on the free premium content streaming service from LG Electronics, LG Channels. 

CNN, Rakuten Stories, Comedy Movies, Action Movies and Drama Movies are available to watch on compatible LG smart TVs, offering a selection of localised content offering in each category.

Rakuten is already featured on LG Channels in five other European markets.

Rakuten TV now offers a total of 23 channels in the main European markets on the LG smart TV platform. Rakuten TV themed channels, Comedy, Action, Drama and Rakuten Stories are available with localised content in Spain, Germany, Italy, France and now also in the UK.

In addition to Rakuten TV’s own curated content, the platform has reached an agreement with LG Electronics to expand available content by including new live streaming channels from third parties, including CNN in Germany and the UK, and ¡HOLA! in Spain.

Rakluten’s partnership with LG Electronics, , in addition to content, also focuses on service enhancements such as the integration of a Rakuten TV branded ‘hot key’ on the latest LG Magic Remote.

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