Channelbox adds three new channels to Freeview FAST platform

Freeview OTT platform Channelbox has added additional channels to its roster.

Channelbox is a free ad-supported TV (FAST) platform available on Freeview channel 271 in the UK, and presents viewers with a range of channels which are streamed to their connected TV. 

The new channels added to the lineup include stand-up comedy channel NextUp Comedy, the dog-focused Fido TV and food network Bite and Billiard TV.

Channelbox said that the concept is beneficial to broadcasters as they can monetise their content in the same way as on other OTT platforms, while the ad load for viewers is reduced to 8-10 minutes per hour. 

Tanya Kronfli, Channelbox head of content and business development, said: “We are excited to be part of the FAST revolution.  It is beneficial to content owners as they can distribute and monetise their content very efficiently and cost-effectively. It is also beneficial to the audiences as they now have access to a completely new range of TV channels which were never available on Freeview before.”

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