TDC TV and internet extend reach on Norlys fibre network

Customers of Danish energy and telecom service provider Norlys can now sign up for internet and TV services from TDC Erhverv and YouSee on the company’s fibre network in southern Denmark and northern Jutland.

The agreement means that over 300,000 homes in the relevant areas will be able to access YouSee and TDC Erhverv services on the Norlys network.

Norlys said that customers of TDC service arm Nuuday’s Hiper brand would also soon be able to access that service via the Norlys fibre network.

The deal is an extension of an existing partnership between Norlys and Nuuday to cover the area of the former Eniig utility, following Norlys’ acquisition of that company.

The collaboration between Norlys and Nuuday comes via the OpenNet initiative that brings together service providers and fibre infrastructure owners.

Norlys said it aimed to expand coverage of its fibre network to one million homes by the end of next year.

“Our ambition is that all households get the best products and the best connection at their address, and our customers are increasingly demanding fibre connections. Therefore, we are pleased that from today we can offer customers on Norlys’ entire fibre network flexible TV solutions and internet from YouSee and digital business solutions from TDC Erhverv. And before long, also lightning-fast internet from Hiper,” said Jon James, CEO of Nuuday.

“We have a clear ambition to get so many providers, and thus customers, on Norlys’ network. Therefore, we are pleased that we now see the result of the agreement we have made with Nuuday. This is a milestone for Norlys, at the same time as it helps to ensure healthy competition that provides better products at sharper prices for almost 700,000 Jutland customers. We are extremely proud of that,” said Torben Poulsen, CEO of Norlys Tele, which includes Norlys’ fibre business.

“We have established a fibre network over a region that covers a good 40% of Denmark in terms of area. We currently have 10 active service providers on the network, but it is important that all 10 also come to the southern part of our network. The arrival of Nuuday as the country’s largest service provider is of course very important to us.”

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