TiVo agrees licensing deal with Horizon Media

TiVo has announced a licensing agreement with the US’s largest media agency Horizon Media.

The deal will provide Horizon with access to TiVo’s data to support its data stack and client investments. Horizon said that the integration of TiVo’s raw data into strategic client initiatives will complement its activities in both the content and commercial levels.

TiVo’s TV viewership data provides Horizon with a representative sample of linear TV data to drive improved client outcomes for the billions of advertising investment dollars within the Horizon client brands. 

The deal also enables Horizon’s affiliates to leverage TiVo’s TV viewership data. These companies include: Canvas Worldwide, LLC; Horizon Big, LLC; Horizon Media Limited Partnership (Canada affiliate); Night Market Horizons, LLC; horizon next®; and 305 Worldwide, LLC.

Fariba Zamaniyan, vice president, Data and Monetization at TiVo’s parent company Xperi, said: “Horizon is gaining access to TiVo’s linear TV viewership data to power the execution and performance measurement of clients’ media plans, with enhanced precision. We are excited to embark upon this partnership with Horizon Media and its affiliates to strengthen its data-driven solutions.”

Laura McElhinney, Horizon Media’s chief data officer, said: “As the industry faces new challenges that accompany increased demand for viewership data, this agreement with TiVo will help us to maintain our position as an innovative marketing and advertising leader.”

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