Orange Spain offers download to view on TV service

Orange España has introduced the option of downloading content for offline viewing on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

The move means that orange TV customers in Spain will have the option to view programming without an internet connection, enabling them to watch content while travelling or on holiday, or in other locations where connectivity is absent.

Download for offline viewing has been added to a range of existing functionalities on the service including recording, startover, seven-day catch up and multiscreen.

At launch, the catalogue of content available for offline viewing includes around 3,400 pieces of content, including films and series episodes along with entertainment programming such as Los Felices Veinte.

Orange TV customers in Spain will be able to download up to 25 titles a month and will be able to download the same piece of content twice.

Orange said that the catalogue of content that is available for download would be increased progressively over the next few months.

The introduction of the download option follows the launch of a new interface for the platform with a more web-like navigation experience and other new functionalities.

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