ANGA COM unveils details of online Congress

The ANGA COM trade show, which will be held virtually this year, has unveiled details of its programme.

This year’s event will feature a range of technology panels and digital showrooms including: Fiber Optics, DOCSIS for 10G, FTTH, WiFi, 5G, Fixed Mobile Convergence, Trenching, Cloud Services, IPTV, OTT, App TV and Video Streaming and Measurement.

Among the highlights of the international programme will be a ‘fireside chat’ on the prospects for 10G with Phil McKinney, President and CEO od CableLabs and Mark Dzuban, President and CEO of the SCTE, from the US.

ANGA COM will also feature a series of panels in collaboration with other organisations. These include: Fixed Mobile Convergence: How to examine FMC Strategies, in cooperation with SCTE – the US organisation and subsidiary of CableLabs; DOCSIS – The clear View: Speculation on Spectrum, in cooperation with The SCTE – The Society for Broadband Professionals from the UK; 10G – Building a Future proofed Network, in cooperation with the US SCTE and        Women Empowerment in Broadband, in cooperation with The Cable Center fro the US.

“We have reached the final straight with our new online congress. The demand of our partner companies was so huge that the conference programme has become even more extensive and international than it has been in recent years at the regular show,” said Peter Charissé, managing director of ANGA COM.

“I would especially like to thank our partners from the UK and the USA, SCTE – The Society for Broadband Professionals, CableLabs and The Cable Center, for their great support. Having been unable to meet in person for so long, it is especially important for us to stay digitally connected with our friends abroad. We have to take care that the actual circumstances do not create new borders in our wonderfully multilateral industry. With our extended international conference agenda, we want to make a contribution to reach this goal.”

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