Download a free report on the “intelligence” in intelligent file transfer


Digital TV Europe has partnered with software company Signiant to offer our readers free access to a new report on the “intelligence” in intelligent file transfer.

In today’s complex hybrid cloud, multi-cloud world, media assets are anywhere and everywhere and so is the associated metadata. While Signiant is well known for its ability to move large files fast, what may be less familiar is Signiant’s involvement with metadata. In order to deliver on the ‘intelligence’ in our intelligent file transfer software, we generate, extract, manage, and take actions based on all sorts of metadata and the role we play in the modern media technology stack is increasingly weighted in this direction.

From chain of custody information to IMF to pre-transfer asset compliance, learn how Signiant’s Software-Defined Content Exchange (SDCX) SaaS platform works with metadata across distributed content repositories.

Download the first in the Signiant Metadata Series:
Metadata Everywhere
How Signiant’s SDCX SaaS Platform Works with Metadata Across Distributed Content Repositories
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