Salto strikes agreement with copyright societies

French streaming outfit Salto has struck a key agreement with copyright collecting societies the SACD and ADAGP to recompense authors of audiovisual works distributed on the platform.

The copyright outfits said that the agreement took into account the non-linear use of works such as catch-up television and and video-on-demand, but also covered the distribution of linear channels by Salto.

Salto, the streaming platform created by the country’s main broadcasters, France Télévisions, TF1 and M6, to counter the power of US-backed streaming and technology giants by creating an outlet for French works to reach a non-linear audience, launched in October after a series of protracted delays. It was reported to have won over around 100,000 subscribers three weeks after launch, but before free trial periods began to expire.

“Salto has at its heart the promotion of French content creation and its authors by proposing the biggest platform for French fiction. We have been able to count very quickly on the support of SACD and its members for this French initiative. I am very proud to have been able to conclude our first agreement with the SACD and the ADAGP,” said Salto CEO Thomas Follin.

“This agreement with Salto is testament to a shared vision on the principles of remuneration of authors and of the economic value of the creative work of directors and scriptwriters. Welcome Salto,” said Pascal Rogard, director-general of the SACD.

“This agreement, alongside the SACD, underlines the importance of the visual arts at the core of audiovisual creation and highlights the contribution of current artists,” said Marie-Anne Ferry-Fall, director-general of the ADAGP.

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