PMO picks Mirada for Zapi launch

Plataforma Multimedia de Operadores (PMO) has launched a new OTT-based pay TV platform for the Spanish market with the backing of software solutions provider Mirada.

The platform, Zapi, was first announced in 2019 at Feria Tecnológica de Acutel as a joint venture of local cable TV associations Acutel, the Association of Local Telecommunications Operators of Andalusia, and Aotec, the National Association of Telecommunications Operators and Internet Services, along with Opencable, a wholesale services operator that works with over 60 local players, and southern Spanish regional operator PTV Telecom.

Zapi will utilise Mirada’s Iris technology to launch the app on Android TV-based set-top boxes, laptops, Android & iOS smartphones and tablets, and a wide range of smart TVs such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips and HiSense.

Mirada said that this is the biggest deployment of the Iris solution with its custom launcher for Android TV Operator Tier STBs in Europe. The Iris tech includes tools for content discovery, catch-up, start-over and timeshift functionalities, personalised recommendations NS cloud DVR.

The operator will also have access to Mirada’s LogIQ data analytics platform, which promises the ability to access valuable insights which improve operations and provide better service to their subscribers.

José Carrillo, CTO of PMO, said: “The TV service that we are launching today represents a significant leap in the quality that our customers receive. From now on, they will enjoy our television however, whenever and wherever they want. The wide variety of devices supported by Mirada Solution improves the user’s experience since it is unnecessary to change from one device to another to enjoy the service. Also, Zapi is the first OTT television platform in Spain that, besides offering general content, focuses on local content, completely exclusive for the user.”

José Luis Vázquez, CEO of Mirada, said: “We are proud to announce yet another commercial launch of our Iris solution, this time with Spain’s Plataforma Multimedia de Operadores, owner of one of Spain’s largest TV platforms. Our ability to provide the customer with the solution for a wide range of devices, including Android TV-based STBs, is a source of particular pride.

“We are certain it will help Zapi to substantially differentiate itself from the competition, offering a product that is in high demand without compromising brand identity or the user’s experience. As our acclaimed Iris technology is being deployed in evermore markets across the globe, it is becoming increasingly recognised for its versatility and quality.”

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