DTVE Digital Symposium lifts lid on Android TV and the operator as aggregator

Experts from Dutch service provider Youfone, technology company Amino and research house Omdia are to come together to discuss the practical benefits and challenges of the Android TV ecosystem in the first session of DTVE’s Digital Symposium – a new series of online panel discussions that we are running throughout September.  

The popularity of Android TV has increased dramatically over the last couple of years because it holds the promise of fast time-to-market, flexibility and access of the wealth of content and applications within the Google Play Store.

Android TV has above all played a key role in enabling service providers to become aggregators of content from multiple sources via the Google Play Store.

The session will feature the participation of Jonny McKee VP Product Management, Amino Technologies, Sjors Hendriks COO of Netherlands-based operator Youfone and Merrick Kingston, associate director, research and analysis, media delivery
Omdia, who will kick off the proceedings with a scene-setting presentation featuring original Omdia research.

Service providers that previously aggregated channels are increasingly aggregating apps – and Android TV enables small and medium sized operators to broaden their video offering dramatically by enabling them to aggregate apps without the hassle of striking deals or performing multiple technology integrations.

This inaugural session of our Symposium will address the practical requirements that small and medium-sized operators need to consider when building an Android TV-based aggregation model.

  • Why does Android TV make sense as a technology choice for operators?
  • What do operators need to think about to ensure the loyalty of multiple generations of consumers?
  • What are the challenges around Google Play Store certification and how can they be met?
  • What needs to be done to migrate from legacy platforms?

To register to attend this free digital event, and to browse other sessions in the series, click here.

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