Digital TV Europe to host webinar on data-driven video delivery

Digital TV Europe is partnering with Divitel to host a webinar on The Why, The How and The What of Data-Driven Video Delivery Operations.

On Tuesday May 26 at 15:00 BST, join Stuart Thomson, editor of Digital TV Europe, in discussion with Gabor Molnar, evangelist, video services and science, Divitel and Wouter Slot, chief operating officer at Divitel

Getting video content from its creation to all the different end user devices is a complex endeavour. On one hand, video services need to be able to deploy changes fast and accurately and on the other, they need to keep viewers happy through new features and functions. And this all needs to happen at the highest possible service quality, but also with increasingly lower margins of error. ​

How do you catch up with limited resources, in an industry that is becoming more and more hyper-competitive and viewers who are free to easily switch services after only one bad experience?​​

Join us for an in-depth disclosure of the solution to these challenges – a holistic, data-driven video delivery approach and its astonishing results from the field. ​​

Topics include: ​​

  • The business opportunities and operational challenges around video delivery.​​
  • The application of a data-driven, holistic approach to improve video service capacity, reliability and availability.
  • Results from the field and specific KPI’s.
  • The steps to take and the future road map which includes artificial intelligence in its execution.

Gabor Molnar, Ph.D., Evangelist, Video Services & Science, Divitel B.V​
Wouter Slot, Chief Operating Officer, Divitel B.V

Stuart Thomson, Editor, Digital TV Europe

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