TSTT-Amplia deploys Android TV solution in the Caribbean with Zappware

TSTT-Amplia is launching its Android TV solution in a multi-tenant setup in the Caribbean in partnership with Zappware.

Aggregating multiple video apps and content services is a unique differentiator for telecom service providers that creates stickiness, reducing churn. However, getting a super-aggregator video service off the ground is also uniquely challenging. Smaller players can face insurmountable barriers to entry. In particular, they face high costs in acquiring the infrastructure to deliver multiple high-quality, monetisable video services.

Zappware’s end-to-end platform, on which Amplia’s service offering is based, comes with the unique advantages of the Android TV platform, which enables the company’s client base of service providers to become virtual super-aggregators, accessing the wealth of content offerings in the Google Play Store without the need to strike proprietary agreements with multiple content providers.

Zappware’s solution for Amplia is based on the Android TV environment, which is best-placed to support the super-aggregator model and supports fast time to market. Android TV comes with many well-documented benefits for operators, not least by providing access to all the apps in the Google Play Store – enabling service providers to aggregate multiple content sources without expensive and time-consuming integrations of individual apps.

Zappware is providing a complete end-to-end solution for Amplia, acting as prime integrator for components that include its own back office. A key element of that is Zappware’s Marketing Console, which allows different operators to reconfigure the user experience to match their own specific needs.

Amplia is deploying the Zappware multi-tenant, multi-device platform across its fibre infrastructure to reach a base of telecom service providers across the English-speaking Caribbean.

Lisa Agard, managing director of Amplia said: “Amplia is delighted to be the first to bring this state-of-the-art TV technology from Zappware to the people of Trinidad and Tobago, and we look forward to marketing the solution to other operators in the Caribbean.”

Patrick Vos, CEO of Zappware said:: “We see a lot of traction for Android TV deployments because service providers want to be a super-aggregator and, as we know, Android TV facilitates this. With our NeXX4.0 solution, all relevant content is presented in a very user-centric way. The recommendations and all the desired content are usually just one icon away. From a back-office point of view, the extra step Amplia took, is to operate the Zappware solution in a multi-tenant way to address multiple service providers in the region.”

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