Teleste claims second victory in patent dispute with Technetix

Finnish broadband technology outfit Teleste has claimed victory in a patent dispute with Technetix, which had sued for infringement of a patent covering home amplifiers and compact isolator equipment. 

Teleste said that theUK Patents Court’s decision, ruling that Technetix’ patent was invalid on several grounds and that it should be revoked, meant that Teleste had no liability to Technetix and is free to sell and market all its products including home amplifiers and compact isolators, including the ASH4P, GISX, and GIZ products that  Technetix had alleged to infringe its patent.

Teleste had earlier claimed victory in a separate patent case against Technetix in which the latter had claimed infringement of a patent relating to tap banks in the UK. 

In that case the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court had found that Technetix’ patent in that case was also invalid and should be revoked.

Jukka Rinnevaara, the CEO of Teleste said:

“We are obviously very pleased and gratified at the outcome of these two cases and are appreciative of Courts’ careful consideration of the issues.  Teleste had been subject to some very serious allegations in these actions and the outcome is a complete vindication of the position which we adopted.

Teleste always endeavours to respect the intellectual property rights of others but in these cases we were advised that the rights in question lacked inventive merit and were not worthy of patent protection.   We are grateful that the Courts have agreed with us.

We would like to thank our lawyers, EIP Legal, for their fine work in the conduct of both actions and their continued support throughout,” said Jukka Rinnevaara, CEO of Teleste. 

Gary Moss, the head of EIP Legal, representing Teleste, said: “This latest decision coupled with the earlier IPEC decision represents a very satisfactory outcome for our client, Teleste Corporation.  These cases have been hanging over them since the end of 2016, and it has been a surprisingly long haul.  These two decisions are a complete vindication of the positions which our client adopted in these actions and are the outcome of some very hard work by our team.”

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