Spanish pay TV numbers revealed

The number of pay TV customers in Spain rose by 2.1% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2019, rising to 6.8 million, with IPTV accounting for the majority of those, according to figures released by regulator the CNMC.

The number of quad- and quintuple-play subscribers amounted to 12.3 million at the end of March.

The number of IPTV subscribers amounted to 4.586 million, compared with 1.312 million cable customers. The latter figure, which has been in decline since 2016, represented a significant fall year-on-year but a rise quarter-on-quarter.

Satellite TV subscribers numbered 638,000, again following a long-term decline. Online TV customers numbered 303,000 at the end of March.

IPTV revenues amounted to €403 million for the quarter, according to the CNMC, compared with €105 million cable TV revenues, €44 million in satellite TV revenues and €12 million in online TV revenues.

TV advertising revenues amounted to €525 million, more or less the same as pay TV revenues, which amounted to €524 million.

Pay-per-view and VOD revenues amounted to a still small €9 million.

Residential broadband customers numbered 12.261 million at the end of March. The figure included 2.523 million xDSL customers, 7.595 million FTTH customers and 1.95 million HFC cable subscribers.

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