Nitro Circus launches OTT channel

Action Sports brand Nitro Circus has launched a new OTT channel.

The channel, built with, is called Epic Makes Misses & Mayhem, and will be ad-supported.

Nitro Circus says that the new partnership between the companies will help it distribute and monetise its extensive content library. Unreel will pull the content from an OVP into its CMS and then encode it for distribution on each platform. 

The channel will be available across iOS, Android, Apple TV and Roku.

Unreel CEO Dan Goikhman said: “We are thrilled to be able to help Nitro Circus reach new audiences on Xumo and start to develop their own owned-and-operated strategy on OTT with the launch of ‘Epic Makes Misses & Mayhem’”.

Nitro Circus global head of business development Nick Crooks added: “This is a great opportunity for Nitro Circus to expand our reach and offer our short form quick-hit content in a dynamic way while retaining control. We are excited to be doing so alongside Unreel and the great team therein.”

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