GfK Entertainment to compile digital video data in the USA and Canada for the first time

GfK Entertainment is expanding its measurement of video data to North America with the signing of a two year contract with DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group.

This will be the first time that GfK Entertainment, the arm of GfK that offers analysis and insight of music charts, books, videos, and games, will expand into the North American market. 

In addition to the international markets, GfK Entertainment currently processes for the industry, it will now process aggregated digital data on sales of films and series in the USA and Canada for the two growth markets of internet video on demand (iVOD) and electronic sell through (EST).

Tanja Eisen, GfK Entertainment’s global director for sales and marketing, said: “The business of video on demand is growing rapidly, and we are pleased to expand our portfolio by incorporating data from two of the biggest markets, USA and Canada. We wish to thank the DEG membership for the confidence it has placed in us”, said 

DEG president and CEO Amy Jo Smith added: “Gaining visibility and understanding market data is key to reacting to consumer demand of entertainment content. We are looking forward to extending our long-term partnership with GfK Entertainment – and to further analyse the latest trends, titles and genres for different formats in various countries.” 

From 2020, the USA and Canada will be the 22nd and 23rd country respectively in which GfK Entertainment makes film and series data available on iVOD and EST sales.

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