Netgem integrates Amazon Alexa Skills

Internet TV streaming service, has announced the integration of the Amazon Alexa Video Skill APIs into its TV boxes.

For users in practical terms this implementation now means that they no longer need to ask “Alexa, open, go to BBC One”. Instead users can say “Alexa, go to BBC One”.

The skill for Alexa also offers a search and play function for enhanced content discovery, such as the ability to search for individual shows

Sylvain Thevenot, managing director of, said: “Voice Control is rapidly becoming an integral part of how users interact with their devices. The Video Skill APIs represents the latest innovation to enable viewers to better engage with their TV content in an easier, faster and more efficient way. Endless searching and clicking is now kept to a minimum with fast voice control, and losing a remote control is now not an issue in any household.”

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