FIFA: Women’s World Cup to reach 1 billion viewers

The upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 from France will reach “up to 1 billion viewers worldwide”, claims the organiser.

The tournament is to be broadcast worldwide across a range of operators, including DAZN, BBC and beIN Sports.

In a statement, FIFA said that FIFA TV will “provide broadcasters with around 1,700 hours of non-live content related to the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019”. This is almost double what was produced for the 2015 edition in Canada.

Each stadium being featured in the tournament will have a standard 24-camera plan providing UHD coverage of all the action and atmosphere in the stadium.

FIFA Director of TV Services Josh Smith said: ”Women’s football is finding a wider and more diverse global audience and, as more and more fans tune in, our enhanced broadcast production will offer the best possible showcase for the FIFA Women’s World Cup.”

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