ATX adds OTT capabilities

Digital access and media distribution solutions provider ATX Networks has introduced an enhancement to its MD16 bulk media distribution gateway.

This upgrade, the company says, will enable service providers to offer hotels, hospitals, universities, apartments and other commercial customers streaming media capabilities.

The new MD16 OTT streaming blade enables an over-the-top (OTT) video experience anywhere within the commercial enterprise facility on any device, including smartphones, tablets and PCs.

The ATX streaming media blade is designed to overcome the challenges of operating within a private network by allowing guests and residents to view live, linear television programming on personal devices, such as smartphones, tablets and PCs, without the requirement to install multi-rack solutions with standalone encoders and web servers. ATX’s integrated OTT streaming solution reduces power consumption, space and operational complexity.

Andrew Isherwood, chief technology and strategy officer, Media Distribution at ATX said: “ATX continues to empower PayTV operators with the capabilities they require to reinvigorate their commercial and enterprise business strategies. Our market-leading MD16s equipped with the new streaming blade will allow hotels, universities, hospitals and MDUs to offer their clientele a broadcast TV experience on their mobile devices.”

ATX says that the MD16 offers PayTV operators a ‘path to greater profitability in commercial accounts’ by delivering a single-box, fully integrated solution that reduces power consumption, space and other operational expenses. The integrated streaming blade also reduces on-premises bandwidth requirements, as fewer residents and guests will need to connect to Internet-based streaming services using external servers.   

The MD16 streaming blade is set for release in Q3 2019.


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