T-Series hits 100 million subscribers on YouTube

Bollywood record label T-Series has become the first channel on YouTube to reach 100 million subscribers.

This major milestone affirms the channel’s status as the top channel on the platform, and follows a months-long feud for supremacy with personality and controversialist PewDiePie (real name Felix Kjellberg). Kjellberg currently sits on 96 million subscribers.

Since the beginning of April, T-Series subscriber count has steadily risen by approximately 100,000 per day, peaking at 393,000 on April 14 – the day it filed a suit against Kjellberg over claims of defamation in two of his songs.

Many people in the YouTube community are disappointed by the achievement, saying that it marks a sea change from independent creators like Pewdiepie – whom the platform built its success on – to huge corporate entities.  

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