Telia Norway to cut headcount following Get acquisition

Telia Norway, the Norwegian arm of the pan-Nordic telecom operator that includes formerly Telenor-owned cable operator Get, has put a new organisational structure in place with the loss of about 10% of its headcount.

Abraham Foss

Telia said that the reduction in staffing would affect both employees and external consultants that that a significant part of the reduction of 240 positionswould be from not replacing leavers and no recruiting planned new positions.

Abraham Foss, CEO of Telia Norway, said that the company was under “considerable pressure on both our top and bottom line” and that Telia’s priority remained building “a more competitive and stronger” Norwegian operation.

Foss said that the headcount reduction was only partially about removing overlapping functions following the acquisition of Get, but also involved a long-term effort to “ensure an efficient operation and a continue high level of investment” in the company.

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