Gusto TV launches on live OTT offering DistroTV

Food and lifestyle channel Gusto TV is to launch on DistroTV, a recently launched live OTT service available in the US and UK.

Gusto TV will provide a line-up of its original food programming to viewers who can access DistroTV for free through connected devices, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple iOS, and Android.

Gusto TV is currently available through traditional platforms and OTT services in Canada, Singapore, US, Latin America, and the UK.

“Gusto TV is a global brand and we’re happy to partner with Distro TV who share our same approach in offering diverse programming to viewers,” said Chris Knight, President and CEO of Gusto TV.

“We are proud to partner with Gusto TV to bring their unique and high-quality culinary content to globally-minded and passionate audiences across the US and UK through DistroTV. Our audiences will find real inspiration to eat, make and experience with Gusto TV’s food and lifestyle programming.” said DistroScale CEO and co-founder Navdeep Saini.